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Volunteer Day April 25, 2020


April 25, 2020 9:00 am


Saturday, April 25, 2020 is Volunteer Day in Union Oregon. From 9 to noon on the last Saturday in April, the community will host volunteers painting windows, updating Union’s information Kiosk, cleaning a yard for a Veteran or Senior Citizen or planting trees in the community.

At noon on the 25th, volunteers are invited for lunch and thank you! Location in Union TBA

To participate in Union Volunteer Day please pick up a volunteer application (and policies) at Union City Hall. You can request a project for review via an application also located at Union City Hall.

Volunteers over the age of 15 are welcome to participate with guardian permission. Family volunteer projects are being developed.

Volunteer Day application deadline is March 25th. Volunteer Organizers will maintain strict policies to ensure the safety of volunteers and the community.

The number of projects scheduled for completion on April 25 is directly related to the number of volunteers registered to participate. So, apply now to participate in the morning’s events.

I’m addition to Volunteer activities, Union Sanitation will be offering a location to deposit brush.

April 25 this follows Earth Day and National Volunteer Week.

Beyond Volunteer Day, the community of Union offers both short term and longer volunteer commitments. Volunteers are needed at: The Union County Museum, The Union Fire Department and various City of Union Committees.

For more information about Union’s Volunteer Day, Polices, a Volunteer Application, Project Request Form or copy of Union’s Volunteer Day Policies, email .

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