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Weed Enforcement & Right-of-ways within the City Limits


All that June rain has really caused those weeds and grass grow!!  Please remember that grass can be no taller than 10” and noxious weeds must be eliminated.  If you do get a letter notifying you that you have tall grass, noxious weeds or other ordinance violations, you have 10 days to come into compliance.  If you need additional time, please call the city ordinance officer to discuss possible extension.  Let’s work together to make Union a beautiful place to live.
Right-of-ways are the responsibility of property owners or tenants.  Right-of-ways are to be mowed and clear of debris. Per City ordinance, vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. parked on the right-of-way are not to be parked for more than 72 hours.  Non-operating vehicles cannot be stored on the right-of-way. Violations of this ordinance can  result in a fine
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